Get Your STD Tested Soon

std-1STDs are said to be the silent stalkers. They invade without our knowledge; ruin our health slowly killing every cells and tissues inside the body. Unfortunately, most people assume that they would know if they had STDs. A yearly medical routine check up will include tests for STDs so that your healthcare personnel might get some tests done for your safety. You can easily communicate with your doctor regarding the incidence of STDs if any without hesitation. Get STD testing in Los Angeles if you want to learn of the guidelines regarding the different available tests for STDs and also their cure. STDs are more evident in the adolescent category because of the explicit living style and disregard. They are often clueless and the disease is left untreated, as they do not know the consequences in later life. To know more about the adolescent health related topics, check

How Tests Are Done For Each Disease

STDs vary from one person to other in their occurrence, intensity and type. The leading common diseases include Syphilis, Chlamydia, HIV, Herpes, HPV and Trichomoniasis. In case your health-care provider wants you to perform any tests for you, remember that it would benefit later. A blood sample, or a swab or your urine sample is all what will be needed from you.   A test for Chlamydia requires a genital swab or urine sample. If you’ve had oral or anal sex, let your physician check for infected sites there too. Gonorrhoea also goes with the same procedure. In case of HIV, the swab from inside of mouth is taken or a blood test is required. Many clinics provide confidential and anonymous testing procedures for HIV infections. For Genital herpes, an immunoglobulin test is carried out by drawing blood samples from fingers or the arm. In case of Herpes with visible symptoms, tests should be performed within 48hours after the sampling is done. Viral culture provides accurate results within 48hours.

Syphilis demands a blood test or sampling from a sore. The CDC recommends this for all carrying women. Trichomoniasis is detected from a swab of infected area, or a discharge. It is difficult to detect in men than in woman.  Genital warts need a visual diagnosis whereas HPV demands Pap test to check cervical cancer. If Pap test result is abnormal, biopsy and DNA test are carried out.

How Often Should Testing Be Done?

The CDC recommendations for each disease help to understand individual needs to conduct tests. Every woman under the age of 25 should go for a Chlamydia test annually. For cervical cancers, Pap tests are done from the age of 21. Gays and homosexuals should talk to their physician for all the STD screening tools. It’s been recommended that every person aged 13 to 64 should undergo at least one HIV test every year. The only way to know if you are affected with an STD is to get tested. Not all doctors perform all STD tests, so it’s up to our discretion to choose the tests and follow up with it.