Skirt Types Based On Height

skirts-typesBeing fashionable is all about wearing what makes you feel confident and beautiful. No girl would stay away from skirts and would have tried it at least once in their lifetime. If you are thinking to buy a skirt first do a simple search in on the different models available before heading forward.

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In this article, we will discuss on what would give you a more flattering look on your height. You need not restrict yourself from trying few types of skirts but can have the below as guidelines while shopping.

1. Petite
A height under 5’3 is said to be petite. An A-line mini skirt would be the best choice for small personality. The snug fit around the waist and flared beneath would make the legs look longer elongating the look.

· Envelope Skirt
As the name implies this kind of skirts appears like a wrapped envelope with a slit in the front. Due to the diagonal lines the legs look longer than usual.

· Silted Skirts
You may wish to wear a long skirt but if height is a barrier then wear silted skirts. Showing off your skin on the side will not make you look as if you are drowning inside the skirt.

2. Average Height
These people range from 5’3 to 5’7 in height.

· Pencil Skirt
Wearing a patterned skirt will give you an instant look as if you have an hourglass shaped body. This is one of the best flattering styles.

· Knee length A-line skirt
To proportionate the length of your torso to that of your lower bottom than knee length skirt would be a safer bet.

· Fluted Hem
On layman terms, these skirts have ruffles at the bottom, and it fits the best for only small persons. This may not look overwhelming as you could think. This is yet another trick to make your legs look long.

3. Tall
People over 5’7 are said to be tall.

· Midi Skirt
Almost all midi skirts would suit tall ladies, but look for flowy skirts.

· Maxi Skirt
Maxi skirts give the chic look in an instant. If you combine them with heels, then it would be perfect.

· Mini Skirt
It’s time to change your thought that miniskirts are for shorter people. The straight cut style is a classic version and would never go out of style. Instead of a hip hugging skirt opt for a lower waist skirt which covers half of your legs showing off the rest. For miniskirts, stylish alligator sandals would look perfect.

If you have always been refraining from trying new skirt types then these guidelines are sure to give you a helping hand on what would look best and what wouldn’t. The last tip is that the skirt should be perfectly fitting you if not get it tailored. For example, if the waist is loose fitting then the entire look would be spoiled.