How To Donate Without Spending Money?


Making Something That Can Be Donated
Not all the needs of a charity organization are dependent on money. There are many charities that collect and distribute clothing or some simple homemade items for lots of services. Some make blankets, clothing, caps etc. for people with medical problems. Mental Floss is one of the websites that has a great collection of charities that accepts homemade items as contributions.

Supposing you are not an expert into tailoring or knitting, you can donate your hair to locks of love that makes hair wigs for patients that experience hair loss as a result of their medical treatment. They accept a minimum hair length of up to 10 inches.

Volunteering Time
Donating money is not the only thing that benefits people. People who volunteer have a longer life span that that of people who don’t. Because by helping others, you make yourself happy which can have a positive effect in your life. You also learn new skills while volunteering that can help you in your life. Apart from the feel-good factor, you also get a letter saying that you have been supporting them that can be used while applying for new jobs.

Volunteering time does not necessarily mean you have to spend your entire weekend, sites like sparked allow you to spend time in blocks helping people with whatever skills you may have. Sites such as Volunteer Match can help you find the organization that is doing similar kind of work that you would like to do.

Another old school method is to walk-in to churches and other spaces that might be in need of volunteers and offering to help them. Animal shelters, hospices, soup kitchens are always in need of people who can help them. You could call up and check with them before starting so that you know if they have an availability open.

Using A Charity Credit Card
Even if you do not have enough money to spare, you could choose the option of buying a credit card that can get your reward points that are directly donated to charitable causes. It is always wise to read through the terms and conditions before opting to buy. Some cards donate a decent number while some might not be so effective.

Once you narrow down a credit card that donates a decent amount, you can directly apply for the card eliminating the middle man. Sometimes even the amount you donate in terms of cash might exceed the amount you are donating towards charity from the credit card. You can also choose to set aside the money and donate them together for any cause, you’re interested in supporting. In any case, you need to pay off the debt on your credit card without fail. Else it might overweigh on the interest rate.

Therefore, it is not always the money that has to be donated, sometimes it can also be your effort that weighs a lot more than the money. Be wise in choosing the charities and donate accordingly. There are so many other options such as donating your computer when it is idle, donating blood, plasma, donating old stuff at the Salvation Army or Goodwill etc.
You can check out the site for more ideas on how to donate to charity without spending money.